Thursday, July 29, 2010

About this Bible study book

It's easy to pray when your brakes fail or your friend is terribly sick, but is prayer part of your daily routine? How do you keep that routine vibrant and meaningful? Do you wish you prayed more eloquently or thoughtfully? Sacred Signposts points readers to two prayer mentors: the Apostle Paul and St. Patrick. Both men were focused on Christ and devoted to prayer. Sacred Signposts is a devotional guide to Paul's prayers, using one of Patrick's prayers as a poetic summary. Patrick's prayer is easy to remember when you're tired or stressed.

Each of the ten chapters is divided into four daily segments. All the scriptures used in the book are printed within it, making on-the-go study convenient. Every chapter quotes many verses from the Apostle Paul and a few lines of Patrick's autobiography, The Confession of St. Patrick. Daily readings close with a selection of Psalms (the prayerbook of the early church and thus familiar to both Paul and Patrick) and study questions for personal application or group discussion. Each chapter includes the lyrics of a hymn. A suggested soundtrack lists recordings of the hymns to enable readers to meditate on them through out the day. Readers are also encouraged to begin a prayer collection: a personal treasury of scriptures to use as they pray.

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