Monday, May 2, 2011


I need to apologize to the ladies studying Sacred Signposts at Lewis and Clark Bible church. I haven't posted anything for you lately! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers even when I don't post.

I am thinking about the Gratitude chapter today: praising the all-powerful Lord who lived a meek and lowly life on this earth.

I bought a copy of Keith Getty's Piano Hymns for my husband. Yesterday I was trying to play the arrangement of "In Christ Alone" which is far beyond my limited musical abilities. I was sputtering about the key changes and how I really wanted it "just written like a hymn" -- and I didn't realize I was doing this audibly. Lydia was listening to me, however, and she politely pointed out that "Maybe that book is written for more skilled people, Mama."

I laughed and agreed with her.

Later I thought about the title of the song, and how thankful I am that I can stand and live and have a ministry "In Christ Alone." It's all about Him. Not me. Not my skill (or lack thereof). He is the reason I have anything to share with you. He is the reason I rejoice.

And suddenly I was humming a line from another song:

"And life is worth the living just because He lives."

I added this to the list at Thought Provoking Thursdays, hosted here.


  1. Beautiful post, Ruth! I love how gratitude can inspire new moments of inspiration and joy! So true that "it's all about Him." Deb @

  2. That is my favorite praise song and I sing it often - but it is far beyond my abilities on the piano!! Thanks for such a sweet post :)

  3. Thank you so much, Ruth! I shared this link with a friend who needs encouragement. Also, John Begley, from county Kerry, recently wrote and said after he and his friend sang with us in Grants Pass last month, his friend bought "The Power of the Cross", have sung it wherever they minister, and it is now a regular at their church in Ashland. Good Irish music sung by an Irishman. Can't be better than that. Love you, and thanks for the good words that you have shared here. Most helpful! - Mom-